Spotting Hot Dogs – the early signs.

One of the questions we are frequently asked is:

What does excessive panting actually look like?”

Thanks to Lily’s owner we can now show you!

Lily is a Lurcher, and so gets a little over excited when off lead and in sight of something she can chase… Thanks to her owner’s quick work, Lily cooled and made a full recovery.

If your dog is breathing like this, they are too hot! Time to take action:

  • Move them out of the sun, into the shade and away from heat if possible.
  • Make them rest – continued exercise (even walking) will limit their cooling.
  • If they don’t stop panting, it’s time to start active cooling! Use water (whatever you have available), get them into a breeze/next to a fan/into air conditioning and contact your vet!

Recognising heat-related illness during the mild stages saves lives.

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