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If you are looking for our peer-reviewed, published research papers here they are in an openly accessible format (you can download the accepted manuscript files here), along with links to the published works (which are sadly mostly behind paywalls).  We have separated them out by topic:

Heat-related illness (heatstroke) studies:

FINAL Heatstroke – providing evidence based advice to dog owners.

Link to published version

Incidence and risk factors for heat-related illness (heatstroke) in UK dogs under primary veterinary care in 2016  (open access click to read)

Drugs, dogs, and driving: the potential for year-round thermal stress in UK vehicles (open access click to read)

Dogs Don’t Die Just in Hot Cars-Exertional Heat-Related Illness (Heatstroke) Is a Greater Threat to UK Dogs (open access click to read)

Proposing the VetCompass clinical grading tool for heat-related illness in dogs (open access click to read)

Exploring Owner Perceptions of the Impacts of Seasonal Weather Variations on Canine Activity and Potential Consequences for Human–Canine Relationships (open access click to read)

Surveillance of heat-related illness in small animals presenting to veterinary practices in the UK between 2013 and 2018 (open access click to read)

Temperature monitoring studies:

FINAL Comparison of rectal and tympanic membrane temperature in healthy exercising dogs

Link to published version

FINAL Establishing a reference range for normal canine TMT

Link to published version

FINAL Factors affecting canine temperature after canicross racing

Link to the published version

FINAL Investigating the use of non-contact infrared thermometers in cats and dogs.

Link to the published version

FINAL Establishing a yard specific normal rectal range horses.

Link to the published version

Accepted manuscript – Keeping your cool monitoring body temperature

Link to published version

Canine biomechanics studies:

FINAL Canine collars – an investigation of collar type and the forces applied to a simulated neck model

Link to the published version

Kinetics and Kinematics of Working Trials Dogs: The Impact of Long Jump Length on Peak Vertical Landing Force and Joint Angulation (open access click to read)



Our Conversation UK articles:

How to stop your dog getting heatstroke – according to science

If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit, your dog may be your perfect training partner

Dogs don’t just die in hot cars – here’s how to stop them overheating when exercising

Nine dog breeds at higher risk of heatstroke – and what you can do to prevent it

Other publishes works:

New thinking on heat-related illness (heatstroke) in dogs

First published in the May 2021 edition of the Kennel Gazette. Copyright The Kennel Club Limited. Reproduced with their permission.

Conference presentations:

Anne presented our preliminary findings on “Non-invasive temperature monitoring of canine athletes” at the Canine Science Forum in 2018.

Anne also presented “Investigating non-invasive methods of monitoring body temperature in in a range of domestic species” at the British Society of Animal Science annual conference in 2019.

Emily presented initial findings from the Hot Dogs VetCompass project to the British Small Animal Veterinary Association annual congress in 2020 (available to watch here).

Emily presented two more clinical abstracts to the British Small Animal Veterinary Association annual congress in 2021 (available to watch here).

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newark show

Emily and Stevie at Newark Show May 2019.

Sharing our research into canine heatstroke and heat related disorders.

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