How you can help!

Getting involved.

We currently have two surveys open to dog owners, so if you would like to contribute to our research please click the links below.

Canine Sports Cooling Questionnaire

Survey now closed – this survey is exploring methods of cooling used for dogs taking part in sports, you must be a UK or Irish resident and over 18 to complete this and your dog must take part in a canine sport. (Results are being analysed at the moment, watch this space!)

Investigating Canine Activity Levels

Survey now closed – this survey is exploring how much exercise dogs get, and is aiming to establish how breed, age, health and different types of weather impact dog activity.  This survey is open to all dogs owners and can be completed for every dog you own no matter how old, young, active or inactive you might think they are.

Sports dog welfare – a focus group based study

We are running focus groups (think round table discussions, recorded so we can make notes later) with canine athlete owners (anyone who does sport with their dog) to investigate the welfare risks to dogs taking part in sports. The next round of discussions will take place at the Canicross Midlands summer training camp, so if you’re planning to attend and would like to take part please sign up when you arrive.

If you have a group of canine athlete owners (from any dog sport) who would like to participate in this project please get in touch.  We do both teach full time, so it may take a while to organise but we can travel to your group to hold a discussion if you can spare a cup of tea!


A picture really is worth a thousand words, so we would appreciate any photos of hot dogs we can use in our education and research work.

  • You MUST be the owner of the image and be willing to grant us permission to share it on-line or through journal publications.
  • You MUST have permission of the dog’s owner to share the image (if the dog isn’t yours).

We believe strongly in a NO-BLAME learning culture, we all make mistakes, so long as we learn from them and help others to learn from them we all move forward stronger and better informed.

Watch this space for updates on the results of these projects!


Sharing our research into canine heatstroke and heat related disorders.

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